Wathoma Marine Minerals

Wathoma marine Minerals is an operational consulting company that offers a range of mining specific services to increase productivity and reduce cost at our clients operation. Our specialized teams identify improvement opportunities and implement solutions to rapidly close the performance gaps, both mining and technology subject matter expects and continues improvement practitioners we provide solutions and execute improvement programmes to help our client realize a sustainable step change increase in performance we turn mines into world- class operations.

About Us

Wathoma Marine Minerals are industry leading innovators in alternative mining solutions and rehabilitation. The company currently mines, excavates, handles and transports close to a million tons of raw material a year in the South African mining Industry. We are focused on supplying expert and professional services in materials handling, bulk hauling, surface / shallow mining, logistics and land rehabilitation. We also trade and Mine Sand and stone Platinum Group Metals, Chrome, Gold, Andulusite, Coal, Manganese and Iron Ore.

Wathoma Vision

To be the leading bulk commodity and minerals management system and service provider to the global mining. To be a sustainable and well-governed mining sector that effectively garners and deploys resource rents and that is safe, healthy, gender and ethnically inclusive, environmentally friendly, socially responsible and appreciated by surrounding communities.

Wathoma Mission

Create and grow sustainable value for our stakeholders through the application of best practices in mining and our commitment on protecting the health and wellbeing of our employees and the environment in the communities where we work.

Our Values


We place people first and correspondingly put the highest priority on safe and healthy practices and systems of work. We are responsible for seeking out new and innovative ways to ensure that our workplaces are free of occupational injury and illness. We live each day for each other and use our collective commitment, talents, resources and systems to deliver on our most important commitment to care.


We believe that individuals who are treated with respect and who are entrusted to take responsibility respond by giving their best. We seek to preserve people's dignity, their sense of self-worth in all our interactions, respecting them for who they are and valuing the unique contribution that they can make to our business success. We are honest with ourselves and others, and we deal ethically with all of our business and social partners.


We aim to be a global leader with the right people for the right jobs. We promote inclusion and team work, deriving benefit from the rich diversity of the cultures, ideas, experiences and skills that each employee brings to the business.


We are committed to continually improving our processes in order to prevent pollution, minimise waste, increase our carbon efficiency and make efficient use of natural resources. We will develop innovative solutions to mitigate environmental and climate risks.


We are focused on delivering results and we do what we say we will do. We accept responsibility and hold ourselves accountable for our work, our behaviour, our ethics and our actions. We aim to deliver high performance outcomes and undertake to deliver on our commitments to our colleagues, business and social partners, and our investors.

The communities and societies in which we operate will be better off for Wathoma Marine Minerals having been there. We uphold and promote fundamental human rights where we do business. We contribute to building productive, respectful and mutually beneficial partnerships in the communities in which we operate. We aim to leave host communities with a sustainable future.

Our Team

The strength of our team is what sets us apart:

Exceptional, multi-disciplinary expertise across the value chain (transactional, operational and analytical) exists in all levels of the team. 

Emphasis on professional development ensures ongoing organisational evolution to maintain market leadership.

Team-based value system enables efficient processing of complex projects.

Focused on establishing long-term, consultative relationship that enable deep understanding.

Consequently our team is able to analyse change and anticipate opportunities resulting in a robust, self-driven deal pipeline.


WATHOMA MARINE MINERALS (PTY)LTD started its Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment [BBBEE] journey in 2020 with one of the first ownership transactions in the Mining sector. The company is currently a level one rated organisation and is the most empowered company in the sector in South Africa.

Watoma Marine Minerals strives to be the employer of choice in the industry and offers a compelling proposition to employees which include:

  • Experience management and leadership

  • Continuous development through Wathoma Marine Minerals

  • Competitive remuneration and reward

  • Growth opportunities in the group

Our Clients

A true partnership is a two-way street — ideas and information flow openly and regularly, based on a foundation of mutual trust and respect for one another’s expertise — and our clients embrace this philosophy.

The best and most productive relationships are synergistic and goal-oriented, and a long-term relationship has the value add of deep-rooted industry and company or individual knowledge and relationships.

Our client list speaks for itself. Every day, since 2012, we’ve been devoting our hearts and minds to our clients, achieving great successes and building lasting relationships.

Health and Safety

The management of WATHOMA MARINE MINERALS (PTY) LTD, striving for excellence in all we do, recognises the impact that our activities may have on people and the environment. To implement and maintain, as far as is reasonably practicable, the activities of the company in such a manner, as to prevent harm or damage to persons and property respectfully. Safety, health and protection of the environment will form an integral part of our planning and decision making. We will manage our company, wherever we do business, in an ethical way that strikes an appropriate and well-reasoned balance between economic, social and environmental needs.

We are committed to:

Conducting our business with respect and care for people and the environment. Responsible utilisation of natural resources. Continually improving our safety, health and environmental performance. Complying, as a minimum, with all applicable legal and other agreed requirements.  Promoting dialogue with stakeholders about safety, health and environmental performance.

We will achieve these by:

Implementing safety, health, environmental management system. Informing and appropriately training all employees and contractors on safety, health and environmental matters. Responding effectively to safety, health and environmental emergencies involving our actives and products. As far as reasonably practicable, providing appropriate resources required to implement the above. Ensure that the health, safety and environmental policy is reviewed at periods not exceeding three years from the effective date or by a date set by the Chief Executive Officer.

Wathoma Marine Minerals

We turn mines into world- class operations.

Wathoma Marine Minerals is legally registered in terms of South Africa Law and aiming to meet the needs of South Africans on Permanent basis. Contact us today!

About Us

Wathoma marine Minerals is an operational consulting company that offers a range of mining specific services.

Emergency: +27 79 430 4319

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